Management Matters in Australia

Findings from the Australian Management Practices and Productivity Global Benchmarking Project.

This 42 page study commissioned by the Australian Government, Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, shows "that a cost-effective way of improving the productivity performance of Australian firms is to promote a transformation in the calibre of the management and leadership of our organisations".

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10 Takeaways for Presidents (and new Leaders)

We have republished this article inlight of the change of Government in Australia.

Are there any of Bob Woodwards "The President ....."s that would be well applied as "The Prime Minister ......"?

There seem to be universal people management/governance issues here.

Bob Woodward (Watergate and much more) gives us his insights into the actions an effective new leader should take.
By Bob Woodward Sunday, January 18, 2009;

There's actually a lot that President-elect Barack Obama can learn from the troubled presidency of George W. Bush. Over the past eight years, I have interviewed President Bush for nearly 11 hours, spent hundreds of hours with his administration's key players and reviewed thousands of pages of documents and notes. That produced four books, totaling 1,727 pages, that amount to a very long case study in presidential decision-making, and there are plenty of morals to the story. Presidents live in the unfinished business of their predecessors, and Bush casts a giant shadow on the Obama presidency with two incomplete wars and a monumental financial and economic crisis. Here are  10 lessons that Obama and his team should take away from the Bush experience.

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