Work-Life Balance

Research on well-being shows that the best adjusted people are generally the busiest people, on- and off-work.

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"Voice" Staff Satisfaction Survey

We service regional clients in offering the highly regarded and evidence based Voice Staff Satisfaction Survey from Macquarie University. We liaise with our clients in establishing the best survey for their needs and in establishing a survey timetable. Macquarie University do the back-end data analysis and we report the findings to our client. We are able to provide ongoing support to these clients to improve their performance, productivity, and engagement in the light of the survey findings.

This survey has a benchmarking data-base of over 95,000 people in a diverse range of mainly Australian organisations. It has been developed by organisational psychologists from Macquarie University and is based on years of peer reviewed research around staff engagement and productivity.

The Voice Survey allows you to:

  • measure your results against other similar organisations;
  • track your progress over time; and
  • identify where to focus your human resources for best return on investment

The survey is analysed to ensure confidentiality. It enables you to see how your organisations work performance compares to other similar organisations in such important areas as leadership, communicating direction, work satisfaction,results focus etc.

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Teams are the most effective way produce complex products, sustain coordinated effort, or cut across boundaries to get things done.

  • Effective teams need people with an awareness of how each of them prefers to work and how to get along with and influence others.
  • Effective teams have people with knowledge on how teams function best, on factors affecting teams either positively or negatively, and an awareness of a range of strategies for different situations.
  • Highly effective teams have also developed trust in each other, put team commitment ahead of individual commitment, and expect accountability from all team members.

We offer three workshops around building team member self-awareness, building team member knowledge and building interpersonal skills for enhanced team effectiveness.

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Performance Management

If you ask a group of poeple how much they like giving performance feedback you're likely to get a fairly unenthusiastic response.

Interestingly, if you ask that same group how much they like getting feedback about how they are doing, it's usually quite a different response.

Most people want feedback on their performance.

Feedback helps with direction, with engagement and with general job satisfaction.

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Developing Leadership Skills

Developing leadership skills requires self-awareness and the ability to reflect and learn. Effective leaders at all levels understand their strengths and develop them to very high levels. They also know their weaknesses and identify ways to manage them or work around them.
Positive Management© is our innovative leadership development program, developed in response to calls from every sector to cost-effectively help staff develop leadership and management skills. See our menu header on Positive Management or click here for more detail.  
Research shows that the best leaders rate as ‘outstanding’ in a few critical competencies. Focusing on developing their strengths to make them ‘outstanding’ underpins our approach to Skills Analysis and Development Planning.

We help managers develop their Influencing SkillsStrategic Thinking Skills,  and skills in Motivating and Leading Teams.

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Client Feedback

Testimonial from a Senior Manager, Australian Public Service

Susan McDonald was engaged to provide me with executive coaching.

From the outset I found Susan to be highly professional and very insightful about the issues surrounding my personal management style and those that were inherent in the organisational culture and leadership. I found Susan's advice invaluable and the Agency Executive held her professional opinion and independence in high regard. Susan is very well read and was always ready to draw upon the latest literature and developments in her field.

I found Susan intelligent, professional and stimulating. I unreservedly recommend Susan as a personal Executive Coach and am very willing to provide a verbal referee report if required. (Manager's details available through "Contact Us")

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