The demands of organisations are changing and the demands on leaders within those organisations are also changing.  We help to support leaders at all levels to make changes to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, how they are operating as a leader or manager, and how to best approach their own development.  This may be through:

Executive Coaching:  We work with leaders and managers to enhance their performance and become more satisfied and engaged. The issues and concerns that people frequently bring to executive coaching are around building teams, relationships and stakeholder management strategies, dealing with underperformance, managing stress and work-life balance.  As well as these single issues, many executives are using coaches to help them sort through the multiplicity of issues, concerns and decisions around operating successfully in complex, ambiguous and volatile work environments.


360 Degree Feedback:  We use The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP), a 360 degree profile that is different from any others because it connects both the outer leadership competencies that we see in people on a daily basis, and the inner underlying and motivating habits of thought.  It reveals the relationship between how our internal assumptions, beliefs and thought patterns can drive our external behaviour and integrates this information in a way that brings the key issues to the surface instantly.  It puts leaders in touch with what is working and what is not and why.  It enables a much deeper insight and more powerful awareness and highlights leverage points for change and development.


Cross Cultural Leadership:  We work with people to help them develop the cross cultural skills needed when they are either working with a culturally diverse group or in global assignments.  We provide cross-cultural awareness coaching and cross-cultural leadership workshops to help people to understand and practice ways to build those important relationships.  We can also assess the cultural intelligence (CQ) of your people using the CQ assessment tool.  This can help you target what is likely to cause problems and where help might be needed in these assignments.


Group Coaching: We work with groups to improve performance, increase support, encourage collaboration, and manage diversity.  This can be with groups of executives to identify the barriers and opportunities around collaboration and change.  It can be with groups of people in high stress/hiigh demand roles and identifying ways to support each other, reduce stress and increase trust.  It can be around better managing the peaks and troughs of work demands and finding ways to share workloacd more effectively.

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