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Susan McDonald is an organisational psychologist, executive coach and mediator specialising in workplace conflict, stress management and leadership development. She works with a wide range of people and groups, helping them to work more effectively with others, deal with workplace challenges, manage personal stressors and broaden and develop their thinking on workplace issues.   

Susan has worked with organisations in identifying and developing leadership capabilities, in workforce planning and job design and in managing organisational change.  She has worked with people mediating conflict.  She has coached individuals to better manage the emotions and actions involved in ongoing or intractable conflict.  She has worked with managers, helping them to identify strategies to better manage and influence individuals and teams as well as their own health and welfare.   She has worked with teams to help them better understand how to be more effective together and how to achieve the outcomes they and others need.

Susan is a nationally accredited mediator (NMAS) and a practitioner member of The Resolution Institute.  The Resolution Institute (previously known as LEADR/IAMA) is a community of mediators and alternative dispute practitioners with more than 4000 members in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific. 

Susan is also a registered psychologist and member of the Australian Psychological Society College of Organisational Psychologists (COP).  COP is the professional association of psychologists who specialise in the psychology of people in the workplace, researching and practicing how to best select, manage and motivate people at work.  This also includes recognising and dealing with the stressors that arise from time to time in a workplace environment and helping people to better manage adverse situations or challenging people.

The health and well-being of millions of people at work is becoming one of the most important HR issues of our time.  Managers who lack skills in dealing with the causes of distress in the workplace are not only threatening their own health but also the health of others.  Using an independent and unbiased mediator or a confidential external coach is one of the best ways to help people see situations from new perspectives and explore new solutions. 


BA (Tas); M.Soc.Sci hons (Waikato); P-Grad Cert in Practice of Psychology (Waikato); P-Grad Cert in Applied Science (Psychology of Coaching/Sydney); Cert IV Training and Assessment

Registered Psychologist

Client Feedback

Comments from our post-workshop survey

'I thought the workshop was excellent. Sue was able to "win over" my more sceptical colleagues, and she was able to provide some additional insight. I don't think that anything could have been improved as it achieved an appropriate balance of challenging the participants without overwhelming and therefore losing participants."

"Sue pulled the whole day together really well. She knew when to prompt and when to just let the conversation just happen. I'd recommend to others"

"Sue has a friendly and non-assertive presentation style that lets participants open up in a very non threatening environment. She is a great listener and works the content to meet the needs of the group and individual"

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