Bruce Walter

Psychology at Work Pty Ltd

Bruce is the executive director for Psychology at Work. He has postgraduate management and accounting qualifications. Bruce has a special interest in the power of effective teams and in aligning human resources with corporate goals. He is an experienced manager who has worked in both public and private sector organisations.

Bruce is also responsible for the management and co-ordination of Psychology at Work's projects.

Client Feedback

Comments from our post-workshop survey

'I thought the workshop was excellent. Sue was able to "win over" my more sceptical colleagues, and she was able to provide some additional insight. I don't think that anything could have been improved as it achieved an appropriate balance of challenging the participants without overwhelming and therefore losing participants."

"Sue pulled the whole day together really well. She knew when to prompt and when to just let the conversation just happen. I'd recommend to others"

"Sue has a friendly and non-assertive presentation style that lets participants open up in a very non threatening environment. She is a great listener and works the content to meet the needs of the group and individual"

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