Work Stress/Resilience

Over the past few years, we have become increasingly aware of the costs of work stress to individuals and organisations. The links between work stress and bullying and harassment have also become more apparent. 

We run workshops and on-line coaching programs to help people build resilience, raise energy and deal with workplace stressors.


To help Individuals assess and build their energy and resilience, and better deal with workplace pressures and stressors we have the following two programs:

1. Build Your Energy & Resilience: A half day workshop for people who would like to know more about stress management strategies, who may or may not be suffering from stress now, but would benefit from a wider knowledge of techniques that work and how to use them.

2. Reduce Your Stress & Take Control:  A six week on-line program wjth email and phone coaching for individuals who are currently experiencing stress that is getting in the way of their work and life, that is causing them emotional concern or conflict.


To help Managers create a strong psychosocial climate that enables them to manage conflict or team stress as well as buffer against high work demands we have the following two programs:

1. Build Energy & Resilience Your Team:  A half day workshop for managers who find that there are stressors in their work teams (eg. work demands, staff abilities, interpersonal conflicts, individual expectations, personality styles etc) and would like to practice ways to more successfully address these issues.

2. Reduce Stress & Develop Resilience in Your Team:  A four week on-line program with email coaching for managers who would like to create a work environment that reduces individual stress and buffers people in their team against stress when times get tough.

We also consult to organisations in workplace culture and change, specifically around identifying workplace issues causing lower productivity, lower staff engagement, bullying and harrassment.


Conflict Resolution/Mediation

If we are approached too late to avoid apparently intractable conflict, all is not lost as we have trained mediators who are successful in defusing and resolving workplace conflict.


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