Developing Leadership Skills

Developing leadership skills requires self-awareness and the ability to reflect and learn. Effective leaders at all levels understand their strengths and develop them to very high levels. They also know their weaknesses and identify ways to manage them or work around them.
Positive Management© is our innovative leadership development program, developed in response to calls from every sector to cost-effectively help staff develop leadership and management skills. See our menu header on Positive Management or click here for more detail.  
Research shows that the best leaders rate as ‘outstanding’ in a few critical competencies. Focusing on developing their strengths to make them ‘outstanding’ underpins our approach to Skills Analysis and Development Planning.

We help managers develop their Influencing SkillsStrategic Thinking Skills,  and skills in Motivating and Leading Teams.

Skills Analysis and Development Planning

Development action plans help people focus on identifying those skills and capabilities that are important to them and to their organisations success.

Using our thoroughly tested and validated tools and approaches we help people by raising their awareness of their strengths, their development aspirations and their development needs.  Through either workshops or individual executive coaching we help people design their own practical and work-based Development Plans.

Successful participants have a:

  • high awareness of their current skills, strengths and interests,
  • good knowledge of the skills and capabilities required at different management levels, and
  • clear understanding of how to develop these skills, particularly using work based and on-the-job strategies.

Influencing Skills

We use a range of evidence-based and researched approaches to help you understand the factors around influence.

  • why people respond the way they do,
  • which behaviours are shown to most influence others,
  • what unconscious factors influence our decision-making.

We help people to improve their influencing skills in both workshops and in one-on-one executive coaching.

Strategic Thinking Skills

Learning to think strategically is complex.  It is more than problem solving or putting in place a vision.  In our workshops we look at strategic thinking from the perspective of what is happening cognitively and the thought processes prior to strategic planning and implementation.

We look at:

  • the themes behind thinking strategically and why some people are better at this than others, and
  • ways you can develop your strategic thinking skills and how you can learn to become a more strategic thinker.

Motivating and Leading Your Team

Greater things happen when people are motivated.  Although some managers believe that others should be automatically motivated, that is seldom the case.

Through workshops and coaching we can help you identify ways to recognise the different drivers of individuals in your team and find ways to motivate each of them. This is a rewarding process for the individual, the team and the manager.

Client Feedback

ACT Public Service Manager

Sue has a friendly, flexible approach that makes her easy to talk to and learn from....she is an invaluable resource and I recommend her highly.

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