Selection - Choosing the Right People

Choosing the right people is good for the organisation and for the individual.

People have strengths in different areas. They are more engaged and satisfied if they are in jobs that focus on using those strengths.  They perform better and are more likely to stay.

Hiring people who are ‘above average’ in critical skill areas is likely to give significant productivity increases.

We use a range of job analysis techniques to clearly identify the critical job performance criteria.  Working with you we choose from a combination of researched and validated selection tools such as psychometric testing, interviews, and assessment centres to get the best selection outcome.

Job Analysis

Job Analysis identifies the reasons for effective job performance.   It is used to identify the critical criteria for selection (who you really do want based on the analysis of what is most critical in the job).

Job analysis primarily focuses on the ‘what’ is accomplished in jobs (‘what’ needs to be done in the job, or ‘what’ needs to be done by the worker) compared to Competency modelling with which focuses more on ‘how’ objectives are met or how work is accomplished.

Mixing and matching the advantages of a more generic Competency Model approach (which does not include specific job related technical and functional skills) and the advantages of a more rigorous and specific job analysis approach can often be best if you are looking for the best ‘fit’ person for a particular job or job group.

Psychometric Testing

We are able to use, interpret and provide feedback on a range of tests which improve the selection processes.

Personality inventories and cognitive ability tests are most commonly used in selection.

Emotional intelligence assessments, work styles inventories, interest inventories and conflict preferences are more commonly used in career development and team building interventions.

We are accredited in using a range of different psychometric tests.  We have experience in advising, administering and reporting on individual selection assignments as well as in assessment and reporting in large national bulk selection exercises.

Interview Design

We can show you ways to design and structure better interviews.

Interviews can be extremely effective if designed well and the interviewer is trained and skilled.  They can also be extremely ineffective and suffer from a range of interviewer bias factors.

The ‘illusion of validity’ is well recognised in the work psychology research ie. we are prone to place confidence in highly fallible interview judgements because we think we are good judges of people but evidence shows that in reality we are not.

We can help develop questions and response templates to make your interviews more valid and reliable in choosing better candidates.

Assessment Centres

Assessment Centres involve appraising multiple dimensions of performance using several methods (eg. role plays, group discussions, interviews, presentations, in-tray exercises) and several raters.

We can design full or part assessment centre exercises and activities to meet your needs. This can be as simple as designing a single in-tray exercise to fit into your existing selection process, to an assessment of multiple jobs using a range of assessment centre exercises.

We can train your assessors or supply our trained assessors.

Client Feedback

ACT Public Service Manager

Sue has a friendly, flexible approach that makes her easy to talk to and learn from....she is an invaluable resource and I recommend her highly.

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