Work-Life Balance

Research on well-being shows that the best adjusted people are generally the busiest people, on- and off-work.

Adding things to your off-work life means that you then need to force yourself to structure your off-work activities as much as your on-work activities.  This does not mean being unable to say 'no' to requests. Instead, it means being clear about what you do want and don't want.  It means using your organising skills in your off-work life eg. bundling activities, delegating activities, sharing tasks.  It means making your off-work life more exciting.  It means creating boundaries between your work and off-work.

Resilience on the other hand is the ability to cope with high levels of disruptive change, to bounce back from setbacks, to overcome adversity.  In the past, people had to find ways to be resilient on their own.  Now, however, there is an emerging science of resilience psychology that has identified what strengths to acquire and how to develop them. This is around optimising your physical health and understanding individual differences and requirements.  It is around developing problem solving skills.  It is around the inner barriers caused by lack of self-esteem, self-confidence and self-concept.  It is around developing curiosity and optimism.  It is around developing skills to be flexible, to tolerate uncertainty and to flow with disruptive change.

Psychology at Work can help people to review their own skills and resources in managing their work and life and becoming more resilient.  We do this through:

1. Workshops around resilience and work-life balance.

2. Individual or Coach-Plus programs for resilience and work-life balance.

Client Feedback

Testimonial from a Senior Manager, Australian Public Service

Susan McDonald was engaged to provide me with executive coaching.

From the outset I found Susan to be highly professional and very insightful about the issues surrounding my personal management style and those that were inherent in the organisational culture and leadership. I found Susan's advice invaluable and the Agency Executive held her professional opinion and independence in high regard. Susan is very well read and was always ready to draw upon the latest literature and developments in her field.

I found Susan intelligent, professional and stimulating. I unreservedly recommend Susan as a personal Executive Coach and am very willing to provide a verbal referee report if required. (Manager's details available through "Contact Us")

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