Selection - Choosing the Right People

Choosing the right people is good for the organisation and for the individual.

People have strengths in different areas. They are more engaged and satisfied if they are in jobs that focus on using those strengths.  They perform better and are more likely to stay.

Hiring people who are ‘above average’ in critical skill areas is likely to give significant productivity increases.

We use a range of job analysis techniques to clearly identify the critical job performance criteria.  Working with you we choose from a combination of researched and validated selection tools such as psychometric testing, interviews, and assessment centres to get the best selection outcome.

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Client Feedback

Testimonial from a Senior Manager, Australian Public Service

Susan McDonald was engaged to provide me with executive coaching.

From the outset I found Susan to be highly professional and very insightful about the issues surrounding my personal management style and those that were inherent in the organisational culture and leadership. I found Susan's advice invaluable and the Agency Executive held her professional opinion and independence in high regard. Susan is very well read and was always ready to draw upon the latest literature and developments in her field.

I found Susan intelligent, professional and stimulating. I unreservedly recommend Susan as a personal Executive Coach and am very willing to provide a verbal referee report if required. (Manager's details available through "Contact Us")

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